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Charolais Genetics

Charolais revolutionised the British beef industry as the first continental cattle breed introduced to the UK. The Charolais bulls were originally imported by dairy producers looking for a sire to improve the conformation of their calves.

Charolais demonstrated superiority in conformation, growth rate and killing out percentage

over native breeds, for dairy producers and also for top beef breeders in the industry.

Charolais History

The Charolais was the first of the continental cattle imported to the UK from its origins in west-central to southeastern France bred primarily as a beef breed for over 200 years.

Genetic selection developed a white breed of cattle that are used for draft, milk and meat typical for continental Europe.

Charolais Characteristics

Typically creamy white in colour, the Charolais’s primary role is in the UK beef production as a terminal sire in suckler herds, where its reputation for excellent growth rates, meat quality and killing out percentage has established its popularity. The breed has also proved to be very adaptable to a diverse range of farming systems.

The Charolais is a beef breed with a medium to large frame and a deep and broad stature, their loins and haunches are heavily muscled and their heads are short and broad.

Males average 145 cm and 1200-1650kg while mature cows average 135 cm in height and weigh between 750-1200kg.

Breed Statistics

  • High growth rates
  • Excellent conformity and muscle
  • Intramuscular fat content makes for superior meat quality
  • Popular as a terminal sire in suckler herds
  • Good colour marking of crossbred progeny
  • Adaptable to a wide range of farming system

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