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Devon Genetics

Devon cattle have long been noted for their fertility, docility of nature, ease of calving, hardiness and adaptability to extremes of temperature. Devon bulls have a well-developed heat-regulating capability of their scrotum, allowing them to remain fertile even in extremely high temperatures, unlike other bulls.

Devon cattle seldom have calving problems although difficult births have increased marginally from growth in the use of larger bulls. They are generally considered a well-muscled breed but not extreme muscling like some exotic breeds. Originally horned but increased use of polling over the years has left the breed at 50/50 between polled and horned.

Heifer calves at birth average 70 pounds although can vary anywhere in between 45 - 90 pounds, with the male calves weighing in anywhere between 55 - 95 pounds and averaging 75 pounds.

Devon Characteristics

Known as the Red Ruby Devon because of its coat colour, the breed remains popular as a suckler cow in the south west counties of England. Red cattle have been raised in the counties for generations and the Pilgrim Fathers took them to America in the 17th century. Other distinct breeds with similar heritage include the Sussex, Red Poll and Lincoln Red. Originally triple purpose; draft, milk and meat, the Devon in the UK is now regarded as a beef breed and is highly regarded for the quality of its meat.

The Red Ruby Devon is a gentle, docile grazer causing minimal damage to grassland. They will graze and thrive on marginal land and unimproved permanent pastures and, as such, has become popular as part of environmental management programmes.

Breed benefits:

  • The breed is docile and good-natured
  • Outstanding mothering and milking ability
  • Medium-sized cattle ideal for conservation grazing
  • Long-lived breed; cows often calve into their late teens
  • Fertility is generally excellent
  • Well-marbled beef with good taste and texture
  • Early maturity
  • Excellent performance on natural grass-based systems
  • High daily weight gain
  • Beef with excellent flavour and tenderness
  • Tolerant of hot or bleak climates
  • Natural resistance to disease
  • An outstanding terminal sire


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